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Lovol 20 CKD excavators were successfully shipped to Iran

at the beginning of November 2017, the Iranian government adjusted the import policy of construction machinery, and all imported construction machinery and equipment adopted the CKD mode of bulk import and territorial reload. CKD business is full assembly of parts. After the policy was announced, Lovol engineering machinery overseas marketing company in the Middle East region took action in advance, formulated a special promotion plan, and established an Iran CKD business special promotion project team composed of the group's R & D, process, procurement, finance, quality, logistics, packaging, services and other departments. It sent businesses in batches to hold field visits in Shanghai in November every year, We reached a consensus on CKD production plan and shipping status to ensure the smooth sealing and shipping of bulk containers. With the joint cooperation of multiple departments, Lovol Iranian dealers took the lead in completing the local CKD manufacturing license, CKD import registration and other procedures at the end of January 2018 when 2 servo valves were often used as tools for experimental machines, and confirmed that the order of 20 CKD excavators had completed the relevant licensing and other procedures

subsequently, Lovol engineering machinery sent four experienced technical and production experts to Iran to guide on-site assembly operations. The members of the expert group fully cooperate with the local engineering and technical personnel to ensure the assembly quality and production progress of the valve hydrostatic test machine certificate. At present, 20 Lovol excavators that have been shipped are under intense assembly

since last year, Lovol construction machinery has closely combined with the "the Belt and Road" industrial support policy, aiming at the new trend of foreign trade of construction machinery in which bulk supply has gradually become the mainstream of international trade business model. The Iran CKD territorial production project is the first new marketing model Lovol construction machinery has tried. It is the company's exploration of overseas production and promotion of overseas localization operations, A pilot field to realize the innovation of overseas sales mode will accumulate experience for overseas localized operation in the future and lay a solid foundation for the implementation of the company's globalization strategy

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