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Aishe Technology: let enterprises easily save energy

shock! Does each air compressor have 40% energy-saving space

since the 1970s, the application of compressed air system in the field of industrial automation has gradually expanded. So far, it has formed a market scale with global annual sales of about US $11billion and China's annual sales of nearly RMB 5billion. At present, the power consumption of compressed air system in China is as high as 400billion kwh. Based on the industrial power consumption of 0.7 yuan/kWh, there is a power consumption of 360billion yuan per year, which shows that its energy consumption is far greater than the purchase cost. However, in actual use, due to the maintenance and maintenance factors of Jinan steel bar bending testing machine, such as the load mismatch of power equipment, unreasonable gas consumption of end equipment, unscientific configuration of gas supply pipe, only 60% of the energy consumption is used for production, that is, in an ideal state, 40% of the energy-saving space of each compressed air system needs to be explored

how can the compressed air system save energy

according to the primitive simple logic, if it is the problem of the air compressor and it is not suitable, replace it quickly! You can replace the power consumption components of the air compressor, or you can replace all the original air compressor systems with more energy-saving ones! But in this case, financial, material and human resources may also be invested a lot! The fact is that science and technology are productive forces. There is an energy-saving technology that does not need to use a hair of the original air compression system, but the energy-saving rate can reach 30% of the large demand, and can pay the corresponding cost according to the actual energy-saving benefits generated. Are you willing to try it

according to aishe technology, energy-saving enterprises may consider the energy-saving concept of promoting from the end to the source. This energy-saving concept adopts three ways of informatization, automation and intelligence for more effective management. In short, it is a process of replacing manual operation with software system to realize real-time monitoring of operation conditions (including flow, pressure, dew point and other data) and low industry concentration. These problems automatically generate operation record forms and automatically save energy (complete the functions of switching on and off, sequential startup, automatic prompt of maintenance information and so on). Of course, the specific energy-saving rate depends on the specific use of the air compression system, and generally can easily reach the energy-saving goal of about 10% and 30%

air compressor energy-saving service may catalyze the reform of energy-saving industry

it is reported that aise technology is the only energy-saving service provider in China that focuses on compressed air and BIC uses 811 system energy-saving solutions. Since the beginning of the development of aise technology in 2010, aise technology has maintained the leading edge of technology, and its sales performance in 2011 increased by 4.6 times compared with 2010. The company's market and business continue to deepen the energy-saving transformation in the industrial fields of automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, rubber, cotton textile and chemical fiber, steel, cement, household appliances and so on, and has implemented the whole plant energy-saving transformation project for Haier Group, Panasonic, Sifang locomotive, Shengtai group and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad

so far, the company has been granted 3 invention patents and 4 software copyrights. The aerodynamic concept originally created by Dr. caimaolin, the founder of aishe, once caused a sensation in the world. He obtained the patent of aerodynamic instrument in Japan. The popularization of this technology can save about 4billion kwh of power consumption per year for automatic chemical plants in major manufacturing industries such as automobile, it and electrical appliances in Japan; As we all know, Japan is the country with the best development of energy-saving industry in the world, and Professor Kagawa Lichun, the most famous authority in the pneumatic field in Japan, is Mr. Cai Maolin's doctoral tutor. Therefore, it can be said that aishe technology is based on independent innovation, while maintaining close contact with the world's most advanced technology. There is reason to believe that aishe has the ability of continuous innovation

in the field of energy-saving industry, due to its bold test of the energy-saving segment market of air compression system, it may lead the development of the whole air compression energy-saving industry, and the market potential of air compression energy-saving in domestic and even international markets needs to be developed. With the emergence of many energy-saving service providers, energy-saving enterprises will have more choices to truly use technology to serve the energy-saving projects of enterprises and realize easy energy conservation

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