The hottest Lovol Ceres cr3d corn machine made its

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Lovol Ceres cr3d corn machine made a glorious debut

recently, in the main factory of Foton Lovol heavy industry, a "harvest King Kong" was brewing silently. Without saying a word, it listened to the most urgent wishes of users, gathered the strengths of all families, and positioned accurately. It will show its fists and feet in the autumn of this year, galloping the battlefield and returning particles to the warehouse with long-awaited users, This is the new member of Lovol Ceres corn machine family - Lovol Ceres cr3d corn machine

"The corn planting areas in the central plains are generally small plots, dotted with retail farmers, with short row spacing and a large number of rows. When the large corn machine receives goods, it is not only inconvenient to turn, but also easy to overwhelm the plants. The small corn machine has low efficiency and low configuration, which can not meet the increasingly high market requirements of users for corn machines. Lovol Ceres cr3d corn machine is tailored by Foton Lovol heavy industry for machine users in the Central Plains this year The new versatile corn harvester with short body and high configuration, which laymen only see, is short. The new technology and high configuration contained in this car are what we are proud of. " Wuzongjiang, director of the corn machine technology center of Foton Lovol heavy industrial and agricultural equipment technology research institute, said

it is understood that Lovol Ceres cr3d corn machine is reasonably designed and closely arranged, which makes the shortest body distance play the greatest effect. The ear picking system of Lovol Ceres cr3d adopts three groups of roller type ear picking table, and the length of the ear picking roller is lengthened in the design process. In the process of ear picking and stem pulling, a large part of the peel of the ear is peeled off at the ear picking table, which not only reduces the pressure of the peeling system, but also improves the stripping rate of the ear; The chassis system adopts d2.8g gearbox + open side reducer (upgraded closed side reducer, hydraulic drive), stepless speed change, narrow wheel base, short wheelbase, and flexible operation

"as long as you have driving skills, the data is also very different. With a small hand, turning around in the field can completely achieve" one pass "!" Master Sun, a new comer from the harvest machinery trial production workshop of Foton Lovol heavy industry, drove the machine for harvest test and told him

Lovol Ceres cr3d corn machine made a glorious debut

in addition, Lovol Ceres cr3d corn machine transmission and collection and ear processing system has also been upgraded. It is recommended that the staff should operate according to the instructions for using oil quality, vertically set three groups of high and low roller skinners, tilt the trash fan, especially the double screw auger grain cleaning mechanism, The bracts are turned by the upper auger forward, and it is unnecessary to spend more money to improve the accuracy. After turning, they are led into the lower auger and turned backward again, and the hidden seeds are thoroughly dropped into the recycling tank and cleaned; The straw processing system adopts the straight knife + scimitar combined field returning machine with the best crushing effect. In addition to the traditional straw returning, the bract guide plate is also set behind the grain cleaning system to guide the bracts originally scattered behind the field returning machine into the front end of the field returning machine and measure its size and other data. It is more convenient to crush and return the field with the stems, and it is more convenient to dry or deeply bury the crushed stems. At the same time, the work efficiency of Lovol Ceres cr3d is much higher than that of the existing small three lines, but it is the same as that of the existing big three lines, which ensures the efficiency and the income of users

it is understood that in order to meet the requirements of market diversification and according to the different configurations of main parts, Lovol Ceres cr3d series corn machines have successively developed three product combinations with different prices: low configuration, medium configuration and high configuration, which more widely meet the needs of different levels of user groups

"at the beginning of July this year, we visited users in many regions of Hebei and Shandong. After listening to our explanation and watching the video of Lovol Ceres cr3d harvester test operation, local users made an appointment with local dealers, saying that this is the car they have been looking for." Niguoqing, vice president of Foton Lovol heavy industry and agricultural equipment technology research institute, said

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