The hottest Lovol baler makes straw easy to recycl

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Lovol baler makes straw easy to recycle

as a large agricultural country, China has rich crop straw resources, many kinds, large quantities, wide distribution, great development and utilization potential and broad development prospects. With the issuance of the national "no burning" directive, the comprehensive recycling of straw has become a hot spot, in which the straw baler plays a major role and plays an important role

in order to promote the recycling and comprehensive utilization of straw, Lovol agricultural machinery gave full play to its industry leading advantages and quickly entered the straw recycling equipment development industry. It has successively successfully developed the front mounted low-density (including pickup and straw crushing), side mounted low-density, and front mounted medium density. The two sides cooperated on the carbon fiber body lightweight project to exchange four product platforms, including 1.6m-2.3m pickup width and 12 product categories, At present, Lovol baler products have been sold to most regions of the Central Plains, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and other northwest and northeast regions

the best-selling product in the market is Lovol 9yf-2.2 pickup baler. The pickup width of this product is 2.2 meters, with 4 tine beams and 64 tine. The overall straw pickup efficiency and effect are better than those of similar products in the industry; In addition, the cross-section size of the bale of this product is 360 mm × 460mm, and the bale length is adjustable, which can meet the needs of different bale sizes; This product has a wide demand for tractor power. Tractors with a power output of 560 rpm and more than 40 horsepower can work together with it. It is widely applicable to the binding of forage, wheat, rice and corn straw

Lovol agricultural machinery salesperson said that after market verification in recent years, Lovol baler products have been very mature. In view of the changes in market demand this year, Lovol baler has upgraded its main components to oil cylinders and planes, and its overall reliability and operation efficiency have been greatly improved. The core knotter is imported from Germany, and the exclusive use of double cam disc technology ensures that the spring tooth beam and the roller and other parts are stressed evenly, both in terms of use effect and cost, and greatly improves the service life of the pickup. In terms of operation, the order value of Y-type double plastic machinery in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2013 was about $335million. The traction beam structure is simpler to connect with the tractor and has stronger passing performance

at the same time, in view of the different operating experience of new and old customers, Lovol agricultural machinery has also developed a detailed training on the use and maintenance of the baler, focusing on the regular maintenance of the product, matching with the tractor, the selection of the baler rope, the impact of weather factors on the baling effect, etc., to provide users with the operation and use training before, during and after the purchase of the baler, so as to provide users with an overall solution of the double standard of "product + service"

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