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Lovol Valley God corn machine: harvest hope "harvest God"

Lovol Valley God corn machine: harvest hope "harvest God"

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Bozhou, located in Northern Anhui, has a flat and open terrain, which has been a must for strategists since ancient times

now, on Cao Cao's troop transportation road, thousands of Lovol Ceres corn harvesters gallop across the fields of hope, harvesting golden corn and achieving the joy of harvest. Many farmers and machine operators gave their thumbs up after using it, and they gave the Lovol Ceres corn machine a resounding title "harvest hope 'harvest God'"

refined work of large machines

Bozhou farmers are not unfamiliar with Lovol Ceres, but most people are still not familiar with Lovol Ceres cc04 corn machine. It turned out that there were many farmers who planted soybeans, and only a small part of them planted corn. Therefore, there was little demand for corn machines, and even if there were cross regional workers, they would not go

in recent years, with the encouragement and support of Bozhou municipal government, the planting area of local corn has increased continuously, reaching 5.487 million mu. Foton Lovol and its local dealers saw the right time and held many exhibitions and demonstrations before the third autumn of this year

"this harvester is really beautiful. I don't know whether the harvest is clean or not"; "This machine is really big. I don't know how it works"; "Such a big machine, won't corn cobs fall when harvesting"... The crowd of onlookers talked about the Lovol Ceres corn machine placed on the exhibition, and some simply pulled the staff of Foton Lovol company, Xu Huiguo, Zhu Hao, Wang Xiaodong and others, and kept asking

"don't worry, this corn machine has a new appearance design, which is not only 'high-value', but also excellent performance. Equipped with a national new patented peeling machine, it has high corn bract peeling rate, less grain loss, equipped with a 140 horsepower engine, strong power, fuel saving and environmental protection..." after listening to Zhu Hao and others' introduction, farmers' doubts were dispelled in half, and the next actual harvest demonstration completely captured their hearts

looking at the reliable operation and strong power of Lovol Ceres corn machine, the harvested corn is complete and clean, and the straw is crushed after harvest, the farmers are deeply impressed by the fine work of this big guy, and they praise it one after another. The prospective machine operators who hold money for purchase are now reassured

"I'm an old user of Lovol Ceres. The decomposition temperature of foaming agent should be about 10 ℃ higher than the activation temperature of crosslinking agent. The Lovol Ceres wheat machine in my family has been changed for twoorthree generations, but I haven't turned on the corn machine. Today, I saw it. It's really eye opening. The corn ears are complete and clean, the loss rate is low, and the straw is finely crushed after harvest. Lovol Ceres has high efficiency and fine work. Lovol Ceres has excellent performance, reasonable price, and good service, which No, I just ordered a Lovol Ceres cc04. " Tang Bao, from Liuji, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City, paid a deposit on the day of the demonstration

As soon as the newly bought machine drove home, Wang Lifeng, from Sunji village, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City, was surrounded by farmers, competing to watch this beautiful big guy and ask about the price, performance and harvesting efficiency of the machine. Wang Lifeng said with a smile, "you can see it when you harvest." Lu Haifa, a villager from the same village, who has fully degradable coronary stents, refined sweatpipe planting participation materials, peripheral vascular stents and filters with specific therapeutic functions, non vascular lumen stents, participating catheters that reduce injury or have therapeutic functions, degradable participating occluders, and drug-containing participating vascular plug preparation technology, became his first customer. After the villagers around saw the harvest performance of Lovol Ceres corn machine, They rushed to invite Wang Lifeng to harvest in their own fields. And Lao Wang agreed with a smile, which also made him feel that it was really worth buying this corn machine. It was easy and dignified to choose such a means of wealth creation

soon, the news that Wang Lifeng bought a Lovol Ceres corn machine spread widely and became a man of the moment in nearby villages and towns. Many people were asking when this machine could harvest their own corn

in Bozhou, there are many machine operators like Wang Lifeng. Many of them drove the "harvest man God" to harvest in the local area like the wind and the remnant clouds, and then carried out cross region operations north

it is understood that Bozhou City has successively issued the "2015 implementation plan for tackling key problems in corn green production increase mode" and agricultural machinery related subsidy policies this year, which has promoted the hot sale of corn machinery. So that Lovol Ceres corn machine sold more than 410 sets in Bozhou alone. The harvesting army composed of these machines has become the protagonist of the local corn harvest, galloping in the hope field of Bozhou, making the corn grains return to the warehouse and ensuring the harvest of autumn crops

wholehearted service is the guarantee of

good machines, but also good services. Before the customer picked up the machine, the marketing personnel sent by Lovol heavy industry group and the local dealers carried out systematic training for users, covering vehicle structure, working principle and maintenance, so the procurement of tensile testing machine is a 1-to-1 procurement method and simple maintenance common sense

during this year's "Sanqiu" period, Lovol heavy industry group, in line with the service concept of "serving you wholeheartedly", sent backbone forces and service vehicles to Bozhou, and established a unified command center for Sanqiu services with service providers and suppliers to provide customers with "nanny" services throughout the whole process, while making full preparations for spare parts reserves

Wang Xiaodong, the information receptionist of Bozhou sub command center, is an old team member with many years of experience in going out to serve. He can not only record the repair information, but also solve some of the repair problems, saving time for users and ensuring users to harvest in time. At more than 8 p.m. one day, Zhao Xiaofeng, who was harvesting in Panji village, zhaoqiao Town, Qiaocheng District, reported for repair. The machine encountered a small fault and could not be solved by himself. At this time, the service team member Guo Tao and others had just returned from the outside service, and had not had time to eat dinner. Without saying a word, he grabbed two steamed buns and a bag of pickles and rushed to the user's site. It was more than 11 o'clock after repairing the car

in this regard, liuchundi, the service manager of North Anhui of Lovol heavy industry group, said: "customers buy our products because they trust us. We can only provide 100% service for users wholeheartedly, and everything for customers is our principle. No matter what kind of vehicle problems, when, as long as there is one customer, we will act immediately and repair the car."

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