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Lovol construction machinery group was listed in the "Langya list" of industrial brands in Qingdao West Coast New Area

Lovol construction machinery group was listed in the "Langya list" of industrial brands in Qingdao West Coast New Area

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at the beginning of November 2016, the selection activity of the "Langya list" of the most influential industrial brands in Qingdao West Coast new area was officially launched. After enterprise self recommendation, industry recommendation, expert evaluation and online voting, Comprehensively evaluate the corporate image, industry status, comprehensive strength, development potential, product technology content, market share, brand value and other factors. Recently, the District Committee of Qingdao West Coast Working Committee and the district government of the management committee were selected layer by layer, and strictly checked. Finally, 20 enterprises were selected from more than 2000 enterprises to be listed in the "Langya list", of which Lovol engineering machinery group won this honor after several rounds of competition

in 2016, the brand value of "Lovol" reached 40.518 billion yuan, ranking 76th on the "China's 500 most valuable brands" list. Since its establishment in the West Coast new area of Qingdao in 2005, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group has become the fastest-growing construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in the industry, based on the new area and facing the ball that moves the aperture to the center of vision. The newly caused fragmentation may be more serious in the past 2016, Lovol workers "Cheng Machinery Group actively participates in the national the Belt and Road strategy, so that Chinese construction machinery can go abroad and participate in the world development, highlighting the world quality made in China. Developing overseas markets requires excellent products. In recent years, Lovol has fully implemented the globalization strategy and built a scientific and technological innovation system, becoming the only enterprise in the industry to establish a technology R & D center overseas. Lovol Japan R & D center mainly serves Lovol engineering." Cheng Machinery Research and development, equipped with CL-5 laboratory, is mainly responsible for the development of key core technologies of hydraulic, electric control and other construction machinery, providing a platform for Lovol construction machinery product research and development to catch up with the world's advanced level. It is with years of technology accumulation that enterprises go abroad and provide personalized products for customers all over the world

Based on the West Coast new area of Qingdao, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group focuses on the two core businesses of loaders and excavators, increases scientific and technological innovation and structural adjustment, innovates business models, improves the risk management and control system, and increases the structural adjustment of talents, so as to realize the efficient operation of Lovol construction machinery business. Lovol construction machinery group is on the list this time, thanks to the unremitting development and innovation of Lovol people under the guidance of the concept of "intelligent Lovol quality, honesty and promise", but also thanks to the continuous improvement and efficient implementation of Lovol people, the rigorous pursuit of product quality and the ultimate pursuit of user experience

in the past two years, in the face of the slow recovery of the world economy, Lovol engineering machinery has still delivered a brilliant report card, winning the order of 46 loaders for the China Communications Construction Montenegro North South Expressway project, 32 loaders for the Senegal project, and more than 50 loaders for the Pakistan China Pakistan Economic Corridor project, becoming the main construction machinery for China's assistance to Pakistan's Gwadar Port project. This year, the overseas market growth rate of Lovol heavy industries has reached more than 15%. In Algeria alone, Lovol has more than 4000 construction machinery, making Chinese construction machinery shine overseas

at the beginning of the new year, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group will continue to adhere to exploration and innovation, constantly improve the quality of products and services, and shoulder the mission of providing systematic solutions for global urban construction

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