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At 14:28 on May 12, 2008, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province. The sudden natural disaster caused heavy losses to the lives and property of the people in the disaster area. Thousands of people died, tens of thousands of people were silent, hundreds of thousands of houses were instantly razed, and Sichuan was in an emergency! Southwest urgent! The compatriots in the disaster area are in great danger

the Party Central Committee and the State Council were shocked! 1.3 billion people were shocked! The employees of Jinjia shares were shocked! The whole country was immersed in anxiety and sadness.

chairman Wan Li inquired about the disaster.

during the earthquake, Qiao Luyu, chairman of Jinjia shares, and other leaders were investigating abroad, and a strong feeling touched their hearts. In the early morning of May 13, chairman Qiao called from a distance of ten thousand miles to communicate with the leaders who presided over the work at home and asked about the disaster. After learning that tens of thousands of people were killed and injured and many houses were seriously damaged, he instructed the relevant departments to quickly understand the disaster situation of Jinjia employees' homes in the disaster area. Were there any casualties? How is our customer suffering? And in the name of Jinjia shares, he sent a letter of condolences to the employees who were home in the disaster area. Through them, he expressed sincere condolences to the relatives at home, prayed for their safety, and encouraged them to overcome this huge natural disaster with confidence and courage with the support of the people of the whole country

chairman Qiao and other leaders immediately listened to the company's disaster relief report after returning from abroad. He personally donated 100000 yuan to show his love for the people in the disaster areas. Driven by him, tens of thousands and thousands of people who went abroad donated money one after another

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, the company allocates a special fund every year to organize all employees to travel to the suburbs. This year, it is determined to drift in Qingyuan County on May 16. In order to respect the rights of trade union members, after the earthquake disaster, through voting, with the strong support of members, it was decided to give up this year's tourism activities. A total of 1250 people from Jinjia headquarters and production and marketing department received 150 yuan per person, together with their personal donations, a total of more than 200000 yuan, which was handed over to Bao'an District charity within more than 30 hours after the disaster, as the first batch of disaster relief funds donated by Jinjia employees to the disaster area. Although the amount of this donation is not large, in the first time after the disaster, so many people thought that the disaster area and the people in the disaster area would make contributions at the same time. Their spirit is commendable and their action can be rapid

tents are connected with customers' feelings

this catastrophic earthquake disaster has caused hundreds of thousands of people to be homeless, living in the open air, and in urgent need of resettlement. Xiao Songbo, Xiao Guoxiong and Li Min, three marketing personnel of the business division, learned that the Sichuan Chongqing China tobacco company suffered serious losses in the earthquake disaster, especially the Shifang branch, Mianyang Branch and other enterprises, the plant was cracked, the plant was shut down, and the employees lived in the field. 1. Unscrew the oil return valve, and they were in urgent need of tents. After hearing the news, they immediately found a way to buy 180 tents in Shenzhen, and transported them to Chengdu the next day after the disaster. These tents, carrying Jinjia's friendship, serve as a little assistance to the affected workers and local victims of the Sichuan Chongqing tobacco system. Customers and victims highly praised Jinjia's employees for their fast, timely and considerate rescue actions. They felt that the tent sent by Jinjia was tall and strong, which was very suitable. What is sent is not only tents, but also deep love for the people in the disaster area. From the heart, the driving force is to show thanks through the piston itself

fight for special party dues

it is the glorious tradition of the Chinese nation and the excellent quality of members of the Communist Party of China to support one party in difficulties. In this disaster relief activity, the Communist Party members of Jinjia headquarters and all branches played an exemplary role

Qiao Luyu, Secretary of the Party branch and chairman of Jinjia Co., Ltd., took the lead in paying special party dues. He paid another 100000 yuan to the Party branch on the basis of the personal donation of 100000 yuan from the participating employees. During July 1st, he was commended by Bao'an District Committee of the Communist Party of China and was awarded the title of Excellent Communist Party member. Driven by him, other party members also paid special party dues

Zhejiang Huzhou tianwai green packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise and one of the member enterprises of Jinjia Co., Ltd. The party members there, watching the homeless people in the disaster area on TV, watching the rising number of casualties, watching the ruins of the disaster scene, their hearts hurt! Eyes, blurred! Look, shocked! After participating in the personal donation of the company's staff, the party members voluntarily went to the donation box again to pay special party dues for earthquake relief, and 58 party members donated another 25200 yuan. Yan xuchu, Secretary of the Party committee of the company, said that he was still abroad when the earthquake occurred. After learning about the catastrophic disaster in China, he donated 26000 yuan personally and 300000 yuan in the name of the company. After returning home, he approved the company to donate another 200000 yuan

after the Party committee of Kunming color printing company issued a call to Party members to pay special party dues, all Party members responded positively. In just two hours, 90 party members from four party branches donated 68130 yuan, with a per capita of more than 700 yuan. Some veteran party members who have left for recuperation also rushed to the company to donate money to contribute to the earthquake relief and offer a piece of love

relatives of employees in the disaster area

nearly 10 enterprises under Jinjia shares are distributed in Guangdong, Yunnan, Guizhou, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces, with a total of more than 4000 employees from all over the country. Fortunately, in this catastrophic earthquake disaster, there were no casualties among the immediate family members of the employees in the earthquake stricken area in the whole company. Only one employee's family member was killed, but 37 employees' houses collapsed or were damaged

the news came with mixed sadness and joy. The affected employees were worried about their parents, relatives and friends at home. A few employees hoped to go back immediately after asking for leave to care for and help their families. In order to do a good job in the ideological work of these employees, Jinjia Co., Ltd. sent a letter of condolences on the station. The relevant companies held symposiums to communicate with the employees in time, comfort and persuade them, and ask them to remain calm in this special period. The company's leaders and colleagues, like them, are worried, anxious and worried about the people in the disaster area. At the same time, tell them the truth and truth: the national rescue work has been going on, the post disaster reconstruction work is being deployed by the government, the country and the people, as well as people from all walks of life at home and abroad, are concerned about the disaster area, and are providing assistance to the people in the disaster area in various ways, and the national rescue and help force is far greater than individuals. At present, even if I go back, it is impossible to bring more substantive help to my family except for a concern. Moreover, the aftershocks are still continuing, the alarm has not been lifted, new dangers will occur at the epicenter and surrounding areas at any time, and the traffic in many areas has not been restored. Now going back will increase the transportation load, delay the rescue work, and bring some pressure on the material supply in the disaster area. Persuade everyone not to go home for the time being, and try to stay in the company to work at ease, and then go home to visit after the danger is eliminated, the road is repaired, and the material supply is normal, so as to help their families rebuild their homes! Some companies have also paid condolences to their employees who are home in the disaster area, giving them spiritual and material care

after patient persuasion, the employees who live in the disaster area continue to do their own work with peace of mind

By the end of June, in the Wenchuan earthquake disaster, more than 60000 compatriots were killed, more than 10000 people were missing, more than 370000 people were injured, and more than 14 million people were affected. The mountains are shaking, the earth is shaking, people are crying, the sea is roaring, and the vast land of China is immersed in great grief

May 19-21 is a national day of mourning. The land of China, the whistle wails, China Mourns, mountains and rivers weep. The headquarters and branches of Jinjia shares, in accordance with the requirements of the State Council announcement, flew the flag at half mast, stopped all recreational activities, and organized employees to observe three minutes of silence to the victims at 14:28 on the 19th in different places, deeply mourning the compatriots who died in the earthquake, and praying that they would walk well and rest in peace as soon as possible

there is no end to giving love

disaster has no lover, and disaster concerns people. The staff's disaster relief is like a trickle of water, flowing with deep feelings for the people in the disaster area; With our modest efforts, we are pouring our warm love. In the ten days after the release of the fund-raising initiative, the employees of Jinjia headquarters and subsidiaries donated more than 1.3 million yuan to the disaster area through various ways, and wrote a movement of dedication and love with practical actions

among them, the scene is very touching: driven by the manager, the employees of Jinjia quality control department actively donated 8031 yuan and directly remitted the money to the special account for disaster relief of Sichuan Red Cross Society at the first time, expressing their little affection for the people in the disaster area. Some employees in the company donated 10000 yuan at a time; Some employees donated many times. After the first donation, they felt less, and donated for the second or third time; Some employees donated money in the company, but also in the residential community, fund-raising places or on; Some employees donated tens of thousands of yuan without leaving their names; Some employees, who are away on business, specially call and say they will donate after they come back; Some employees not only donate voluntarily, but also mobilize their families, colleagues and friends to jointly lend a helping hand and donate more money to the disaster areas. Some employees also volunteered to donate blood to pour love into the people in the disaster area

by the end of June, nearly 50 days before the disaster, disaster relief activities in different ways in the company were still going on

no disaster can be greater than the power of love, and no disaster can resist our progress. All employees of Jinjia shares are sincerely willing to share the worries of the people in the disaster area! The disaster relief office of the company warmly welcomes you to offer more love to the people in the disaster area and accept your donations anytime, anywhere

dedication of love has only a starting point, not an end

the strut is usually driven by a lead screw

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