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Aishe technology won the first green SME influence model award

on April 25, 2012, the information center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the World Resources Institute (WRI), the Daohe Institute of environment and development (IED), Sina environmental protection channel, and entrepreneur jointly organized the green SME influence report conference and the first green SME influence model activity in Beijing δ and ψ The greater the value, the first model activity of the influence of green small and medium-sized enterprises has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. Nearly one million people participated in the voting, and nearly one hundred enterprises participated in the activity, focusing on the selection and support of small and medium-sized enterprises with outstanding performance in the field of green economy. After strict screening, Beijing aishe times Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Huakong Automation System Co., Ltd 15 enterprises including Beijing Zhongneng huanke Technology Development Co., Ltd. won the title of model of influence of green small and medium-sized enterprises

the award-winning enterprises came to the stage to accept the award

the activity released the "impact report of green small and medium-sized enterprises", which included the cases of 15 model enterprises such as aishe technology, providing more small and medium-sized enterprises with green business models that can be used for reference. Aishe technology provides comprehensive and detailed energy-saving diagnosis services, and customizes energy-saving transformation schemes with short investment payback period and significant energy-saving effect. It mainly aims at the energy-saving transformation of compressed air system for enterprises in the field of industrial manufacturing. In 2011 alone, aishe technology saved 50million kwh of electricity and 18000 tons of standard coal, equivalent to 47000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The evaluation of aishe technology by the evaluation experts is that relying on professional R & D strength, it can maintain the international leadership of technology, and provide guarantee in technology and products according to the energy-saving needs of different customers. Explore the energy-saving space of compressed air system, which is common in the industrial energy-saving market but has not been paid attention to, and the application market potential is huge

the conclusion drawn in the report is that green China lays an industrial foundation for the development of manufacturing industry and real economy; At the same time, the upgrading of small enterprise development policies through new materials has a great impact; Green small and medium-sized enterprises have a strong sense of sustainable development, but their actual development faces many difficulties; Green small and medium-sized enterprises have made significant contributions to the environment and society by solving the difficulties caused by the extrusion and blow molding of elastic materials and the design complexity of breathing bags and other hollow medical equipment. Although green small and medium-sized enterprises are small economic units, from the seven categories of environmental benefits created in the report, they will become active practitioners and leaders in the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan indicators and the realization of economic transformation, and their contributions to the resources and environment will show the amazing effect of gathering sand into a tower

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