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Application of new polyurethane resin in plastic gravure printing inks

new type to improve resource utilization polyurethane resin is a commonly used resin material in new plastic gravure printing inks, and its application field is expanding. Japan's ink output ranks second in the world, with gravure ink accounting for 5% of the total ink output, of which packaging gravure ink accounts for 26%. It can be seen that gravure ink is still the leading product of packaging ink. Moreover, in Japan, gravure printing ink used for plastic film has been transferred from pure chlorinated PP system to polyurethane system, and has batch production capacity. The printing quality and product grade have been greatly improved, and the pollution of toxic solvents to the ink production environment and printing environment has also been reduced. Kl-540b, which will be introduced below, is a new polyurethane resin applied to plastic gravure printing ink. The machine should be verified on an annual basis. The main performance indicators of kl-540b are viscosity: 400 ~ 700MPa · s (25 ℃). Solid composition (nonvolatile): (30 ± 1)% chromaticity (g/h): colorless or light yellow transparent color (25 ℃) which is an important part of the national scientific and technological innovation system of the National Engineering Laboratory Solvent: butanone has four cooperation projects with Jilin Province, covering many aspects/isopropyl alcohol/toluene film strength: 16.3mpa breaking elasticity: 1000% solubility: soluble in ketone and benzene solvents, and alcohol, aromatic hydrocarbons and other solvents can be added to them.

characteristics of new polyurethane resin kl-540b has a large molecular weight and low relative viscosity, but it has good viscosity, heat resistance and flexibility, It has good adhesion to various films and less residual solvents. For directionally treated polypropylene (OPP), polyester (PET), nylon (NY) and other plastic films, kl-540b is an excellent polyester polyurethane resin solution, which is suitable for plastic composites and photographic intaglio printing inks. When used for cooking and packaging, it can show good adhesion and boiling water resistance, and has excellent heat resistance

kl-540b polyurethane resin gravure printing ink 1) due to its large molecular weight and low relative viscosity, there are few pollution problems such as fog and stripes that often occur in CL PP ink in the process of high-speed printing, and it has excellent scraper adaptability. 2) Butanone is the true solvent of polyurethane resin. Due to the reduction of the amount of toxic solvents such as toluene, the residue of solvents in printed matter is greatly reduced. 3) Polyurethane resin has good viscosity, which can achieve ideal color reproduction in high-speed printing, making the printed pattern closer to the design manuscript. 4) The lamination strength and heat sealing strength are excellent. If the curing agent is added, it has excellent chemical resistance and light resistance, and can meet the requirements of boiling and distillation sterilization. ① In order to enhance the adhesion of ink to PP film, it is necessary to add a resin compatible with PP film to formula A, such as kl-541n. ② When printing high-temperature cooking (above 125 ℃) packaging materials, 3% - 5% of the supporting h-15 curing agent needs to be added, and it is required to be used up within 6 hours. ③ When the temperature exceeds 120 ℃, it is necessary to add curing agent to the formula

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