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Aishe Technology: focus on air compressor energy conservation and release green influence

not long ago, Sina environmental protection channel and Entrepreneur Magazine jointly held the first award ceremony for the influence model of green small and medium-sized enterprises, and aishe technology won the influence model award of green small and medium-sized enterprises. This selection activity began in November, 2011. After a double test of public voting involving 1.2 million people and selection by an expert jury (composed of professional investors and media personnel), the whole process lasted more than half a year. Finally, a total of 15 green enterprises won awards

the event site also released the "report on the influence of green small and medium-sized enterprises, including energy-saving vehicles and electric vehicles, wind turbines and hydrogen and natural gas storage tanks", which includes the successful examples and business models of all award-winning enterprises and maximizes marketing coverage! It is a good reference for green enterprises that are seeking development ideas and strategic breakthroughs, and energy consumption enterprises that are eager to find energy-saving solutions. As for green influence, aishe technology believes that the most important thing is to make enterprises realize the necessity and urgency of energy conservation in this regard, help enterprises save electricity, and assist the government in the overall goal of energy conservation in the 12th Five Year Plan

compressed air system energy-saving experts succeed because of their focus

for China's compressed air system, which consumes up to 280billion kwh of electricity every year, compressed air system energy-saving integrates some concepts of air compressor technology, pneumatic technology, control theory, software production technology and reliability engineering, and integrates various disciplines and technologies to form a set of system energy-saving theories and technologies from the source to the end of the pipe. Provide comprehensive and detailed energy-saving diagnosis services for enterprises, and customize energy-saving transformation schemes with short investment payback period and significant energy-saving effect. So far, the company has applied for 19 patents; It has obtained 4 invention patents and 4 software copyrights. As the leader of compressed air system energy conservation, aishe technology has been focusing on the field of compressed air system energy conservation. With the continuous innovation of technology and business expansion, it is oriented to industries including automobile manufacturing, machining, rubber, cotton textile and chemical fiber, steel, cement, household appliances, textiles, etc

based on the comments of the expert panel in the green SME impact report, aishe technology can maintain the international leadership of technology and provide guarantee in technology and products by relying on professional R & D strength and according to the energy-saving needs of different customers. Explore the energy-saving space of compressed air system, which is common in the industrial energy-saving market but has not been paid attention to, and the application market potential is huge

jusha Chengta releases its green influence

in 2011, aishe technology has implemented a successful energy-saving pilot transformation for Haier Group, Panasonic, Sifang locomotive, Shengtai group and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad, saving a total of 50million kwh of electricity, equivalent to 18000 tons of standard coal, equivalent to reducing the emission of 47000 tons of carbon dioxide, However, the investment payback period of energy using enterprises and state-owned enterprises, which have a large number of backup talents and unemployment, is only 12 months. Aishe technology will not only become a dual green enterprise with green characteristics in both business model and operation mode, but also become a major force in promoting the transformation of China's green economy, and continue to seek best practices for the transformation of China's green economy

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