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Lovol Arbos tractor won the international professional award

on November 8, the winners of the European annual tractor selection activity were announced at the agricultural machinery exhibition in Hannover, Germany. The first Chinese element in this selection activity is that apos 5130 tractor from Lovol apos group won the honor of competing with top international brand tractors and was awarded the "silver medal of tractor of the year" by the jury

Lovol Arbos tractor won the international professional award

the special honor comes from strength

it is understood that the annual tractor selection activity in Europe began in 1998, which was initiated by the European agricultural machinery professional magazine tradorl. Every year, excellent tractor products are selected and awarded awards from all over the world. As of September 15, tractor products still in production are eligible to enter the selection list for review by the jury. The jury is composed of professional magazines in the tractor industry from 23 European countries. Through professional field tests on the shortlisted models, the jury voted on the engine, gearbox, comfort, agility, innovative technology and so on, and finally selected them

the status of the European tractor of the year award in the agricultural machinery industry is no less than that of the Pulitzer Prize in the industry. Each winning tractor will be favored and popular. Among the finalists of the annual tractor selection in Europe, there are many global popular brands, and the competition is particularly fierce. This year, Arbos tractor, as a self-developed brand in China, stood out in this selection for the first time, filling the gap of Chinese agricultural machinery brands, and will naturally attract much attention

in September, the European jury came to Bologna, Italy, to test the driving of apos tractors. Through the field and actual driving evaluation of apos tractors, the jury made a positive evaluation of the performance of the products. Fabio, a member of the jury from France, said: Viewed from the outside, Arbos tractor has a strong sense of modernity and quality in terms of color matching and overall shape, and has achieved the perfect unity of beauty and practicality. The four column suspension cab is adopted, which has wide vision, reasonable ergonomic design, convenient access for personnel and comfortable driving. In terms of transmission, the tractor adopts Lovol heavy industry all 2.1, the error caused by incorrect installation of the experimental machine, the power shift technology independently developed by the experimental machine with uneven installation, which has a large bearing capacity. At the same time, the complex operation process is simplified into simple button operation through the electronic control system, which is simple and easy to operate. During the whole driving process, the tractor is very stable. In addition, the noise in the traditional cab generally exceeds 93 dB, and the excellent man-machine design of this product can control the sound at dB, which is almost the sound of our daily communication. Comfort and farming efficiency are also excellent

it is learned that the Arbos tractor selected this time is a power shift technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, which has been independently developed by Lovol Arbos group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lovol heavy industries in Europe, and has adopted a number of high-tech technologies, with a cumulative R & D investment of more than 200million euros

there is an adaptation period for any new product to enter the market. This adaptation is two-way. Not only do manufacturers need to comprehensively collect users' feedback on the product, but users also need to adapt to some new technologies of the product. For example, users of BlackBerry reported that they were not used to the touch-screen technology of iPhone when they tried it in 2007. In order to bring customers a new product experience, since September this year, Lovol Arbos group has invited 20 users around the world to experience Arbos tractors, and engineers are available to collect users' feedback and suggestions at any time

the person in charge of a farm who was lucky to participate in the experience told, "I'm a loyal fan of Lovol products, and I'm lucky to be able to become a probationer of new tractors. At the beginning, I'm not used to operating it. The cab is full of buttons, and I gradually adapt to it through the explanation of the staff. Fatigue testing machine 1 is generally used as a fatigue strength or fatigue life test of materials or components. I can easily complete complex operations such as tillage and control of supporting agricultural machines and tools in a short time, and I don't need to do as before That requires constant shifting. In the driving process, the tractor is very stable, there is no pause in the gear change process, and the noise is also very small. Just like driving a car, the comfort and farming efficiency are much better than traditional tractors. "

Lovol Arbos tractor under field test

future based on dreams

there has always been a large gap between domestic enterprises and the world's top agricultural equipment manufacturers in terms of technical level, research and development ability and standard measurement requirements. Lovol service personnel focus on Regionalization and work as the leading enterprise of domestic agricultural equipment, although they have been making unremitting efforts in intelligence, high horsepower and high efficiency, And has made some progress, but it is also relatively weak in the global competition

in order to improve the technical content of domestic local agricultural machinery, promote the rapid development of domestic agricultural equipment manufacturing industry, and take a share in the highly competitive international market, Lovol heavy industry accelerates the pace of "globalization" and bravely "going out". Through the integration of global resources, Lovol heavy industry realizes global research and development and global procurement and sales, improves the technical level of products, and puts products on the same level with international brands, This entry into the international awards is the result of its efforts

Europe is one of the main markets of global agricultural equipment and the core region of Lovol heavy industry's globalization strategy. In 2011, Lovol heavy industries officially established the European research and development center, which is mainly responsible for the research and development of new technology platform tractors and large feed grain harvesters. And then integrate apos and matmark, which have world-class technical standards, to achieve full integration with the world in the fields of harvesting machinery technology, agricultural machinery and other fields

after five years of layout and resource integration, Lovol heavy industries officially established Lovol Arbos in Europe on September 15, 2015. Lovol Europe business has the operation foundation of the whole value chain of R & D, manufacturing and marketing. The launch of apos tractor with a new technology platform marks a substantial step forward in the internationalization strategy of Lovol heavy industries in the product field. This also marks a leap forward in the high-end core technology of China's agricultural machinery industry from completely relying on imports to having completely independent intellectual property rights

Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol arpos tractor, which is undergoing field testing, said, "from being 'born and bred' to opening the global development mode, China's agricultural machinery is accelerating its pace towards the global stage. I believe that in the future, with continuous innovation exploration and accumulation, China's agricultural equipment will win more recognition in the process of development and become a new business card made in China."

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