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Overview and functional features of intelligent induction access control system:

System Overview:

this intelligent access control system is composed of a host, a card reader and an electric lock (with a computer and a communication converter). The card reading method is a non-contact card reading method. As long as the cardholder quickly shakes the card near (CM) the card reader, the card reader can sense the card and send the information (card number) in the card to the host, The host checks the validity of the card, and then decides whether to open the door. The whole process can realize the access control management function as long as it is within the effective card swiping range. The card reader is installed inside and outside the door side wall without affecting its work. The induction card is read-only, not easy to copy, safe and reliable, and has a long service life (the non-contact card reading method reduces the mechanical wear of the card to zero). And through the communication adapter (RS485) and the computer for real-time monitoring (the computer can send instructions to open/close all doors, and can view the status of all doors in real time), data processing, query, report output, etc. The system is applicable to enterprises and institutions such as posts and telecommunications, finance, public security, transportation and chemical industry, and has been highly praised by users for many years

1) card swiping record: when people enter/leave the door, they need to hold a card in front of the card reader to carry out the hydraulic universal experimental machine produced by Shandong Sida high tech. the computer is used to collect the data, process the data and read the graphic fiber card of the experimental model. After the card reader reads the information, it transmits the information to the host, and the host first judges whether the information is legal, If it is legal to send a door opening command (that is, send an on signal to the electric lock to open the door; if it is illegal, do not send a door opening command and send an alarm. At the same time, the host will save the card swiping information, date, time and other data for inquiry or directly transmit to the computer for processing.

2) control center: the control center can establish the third state through the computer department: at this time, the angle of the contact surface between the push plate and the toothed rod head should be changed, The contact surface is usually fixed on the surface of the push plate with a flat steel sheet through two upper and lower screws. The adjustment method is to loosen the two screws and pad the upper or lower side between the steel sheet and the push plate with copper sheet or other frivolous metal sheet (only on the first side), so as to change the angle. After repeated verification and adjustment, it will be until the qualified employee database, such as power center, maintenance center, management center, etc., and regularly or in real time collect the access data of each door, At the same time, summarize, query, classify and print by department. Various parameters of the host can be set by the computer or directly in each host

3) multi level management: this system can easily realize the multi-level management function. The control center can set the access authority, time range, holiday restrictions, etc. of each card (i.e. everyone) through the computer; For example, senior managers can enter and exit any door at any time, department managers can enter and exit all doors of the Department, while ordinary employees can only enter and exit the door of the Department during working hours. Beyond working hours, they will not be able to enter and exit. They can also confirm the legitimacy of the cardholder in combination with password input, and then decide whether to open the door. Various permissions can be freely set by the user

4) system expansion: the most basic configuration of this system is a card reader, a control box, an electric lock and a card to achieve the purpose of access control. When users need to expand functions, the system can add corresponding expansion modules according to the required functions to achieve the purpose. For example: 1) each host can be connected to only one card reader (single door), or it can be increased to eight (four doors); 2) By adding mddido module, it can receive various external input signals (such as fire alarm, gas leakage, illegal entry, etc.), and then carry out corresponding processing (connect the alarm, open the fire channel, etc.). Adding print module can directly connect the printer to print various information without the need of computer

hardware features:

(I) controller

syris series controller is specially designed for access control, parking lot and other building facility systems. It can not only control a single door, but also remotely control other doors. Each sy200nt2 controller supports four card readers, four input points, and two output points. Sy200nt4 controller can be connected with four readers, four input points and four output points. The controller is installed in an aesthetic package, built-in in 16 keyboards and 16 × 2 for local programming. There are many entry modes, and three different entry modes can be set respectively: card entry mode, password entry mode and card + password entry mode. A single card performs multiple functions: through software control, syris controller allows a card to perform multiple functions. Time zone setting, up to 64 sets of time zones can be set in a week. Automatic door locking and unlocking. Memory data protection: all transaction data, cardholder data and system parameters can be stored in memory RAM. Syris control series uses the latest development of flash memory technology. For firmware upgrade, you only need to download the upgraded firmware without changing the EPROM in the CPU motherboard. The syris door controller has two wiegan specification card reader ports, and there is also a port inside to install an in door or out door reader. Its main functions and performances are as follows:

1) quality: This product is produced with SMD technology and has CE and FCC approved

2) capacity: 6000 card data can be recorded

3) volume: length 15cm, width 10cm, height 2.5cm

4) appearance: membrane keyboard (can input numbers and 26 English letters), liquid crystal display (2 '8 letters)

5) number of control doors: sy200nt2 controls two doors, sy200nt4 controls four doors

6) communication mode: the whole line transmits information with RS485 (within 1200 meters) protocol, and the connection with the computer needs to be equipped with a communication adapter rs485-rs232 (provided by the system). The communication parameters are "196, especially Ningbo represents 00, e, 8,1"

7) signal output/input point: sy200nt2: contains 4 input points and 2 output points, and can expand 8 input and 8 output points. Sy200nt4: it contains 4 input points and 4 output points, and can expand 64 input and 64 output points

8) system network: each network can be connected to 99 control hosts (controlling 394 doors), which are managed by a computer

9) software function: controlling each card, each door, each holiday, 24-hour segmented time control, and has three layers of anti sneak back control function

10) working environment: temperature/2 ° c-55 ° C, power/w, voltage/12vdc, current/400ma. Note: depending on the number of access control required by the customer, the system can also choose sy single door controller: sy100sa1 controller, which can connect four password heads, control four doors and manage 300 people; Sy100sa4 controller can be connected to four password heads and can control four "we focus on plastic doors and can manage 300 people, with time section control; syrdk1-syf controller is connected to the password head of single door controller.

(II) card reader

syris inductive card reader is a general-purpose card reader with high efficiency, high stability and ultra-low price, which is very suitable for the application of access control system. There is syrd

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